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Rosebud Concrete has been around for many years, but the story of the company is quite interesting. C. J. Grossenburg Implement and Son started in 1937 and started selling “Columbian Red Top Grain Bins” by 1940. It was strictly a “haul it home and put it up yourself basis”, with a few being sold. When WW II hit, this put a temporary hold on this type of steel and therefore the bin business ceased. In 1965 Rollie Giedd of Sioux Steel Company in Sioux Falls, SD stopped to see if C. J. Grossenburg and Son would be interested in selling livestock tanks, farm gates and similar steel products. At this time Sioux Steel had just developed and proved their Grain Drying Bin systems and C. J. Grossenburg and Son recognized the opportunity, so after a 24 year absence, C. J. Grossenburg and Son was back in the grain bin business.

From that point on, C. J. Grossenburg and Son started foundation crews, which ultimately lead up to C. J. Grossenburg and Son to erect their own concrete plant in 1978. From 1978 until 1993 this portion of the business was known to the locals as Grossenburg Concrete. Many of the employees from the dealership side of the business worked for Grossenburg Concrete. Those employees are Jim Heimstra, Rich Laber, John Totton and Valora Eddie that all started in the 1970’s to early 80’s and are still a major asset with the company today.

In the years leading up to 1993 Grossenburg Concrete had seen such consistent growth that changes were inevitable. This was the year Rosebud Concrete was Incorporated and Marilyn Grossenburg became the President/Owner of the company. With pride and heritage Marilyn was able to Incorporate Rosebud Concrete as a Tribal Minority partner. Because of this, Rosebud Concrete was able to give back to the communities that helped their growth, by providing competitive bids on the State level.
Rosebud concrete has grown to 25 employees during the regular months and several seasonal employees during the summer months. Rosebud Concrete specializes in concrete construction work on highways, dams, curb & gutter, driveways, sidewalks, foundations, concrete feedbunks, monster block walls and of course grain bin foundation/construction, along with too many other products to list. We currently have 5 semi-trucks that haul cement powder or rock, grain hauling for local producers and elevators, 4 portable cement plants, 16 concrete mixer trucks, 1 concrete pump truck and plenty of experience with our staff to tie everything together.                                                                                          Puddin  (Company Mascot)

Rosebud Concrete is based in Winner, SD and in 2012 moved our corporate headquarters from Grossenburg Implement to 721 North Main Street (the building formerly known as Whitley Distribution). Because of our growth, we desperately needed our own building and offices to handle our staff and equipment. We have satellite plants based in Gregory, Mission, Presho and Murdo, SD as well. With the vast distances we cover, these plants are necessary and provides our customers product when needed.
With all of this being said, we have plenty of experience with other projects and products too numerous to list- so please give us a call to discuss the opportunities way may be able to provide you with.

Marilyn Grossenburg
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